Posted by: digirak | March 29, 2007

Bihar cricket team

Let me see how much would you give a guy educated in a very remote school in Patna, with a fairly mediocre childhood, who swears by the bihari life style looks and talks like a local bhaiyya and his only claim to fame is that he has actually managed to get an MA in Bihar where its is veritably impossible to actually go through a college degree without having to bow down to the mafia!! If its not much then think again, he’s managed to get elected and rule the state of Bihar for almost 15 years and is currently railway minister of the country. Not to mention that he has managed to give talks at the prestigious Harvard school of Business and also our very own IIM’s . Yes sir I am very much talking about Laloo Prasad Yadav, one of the most charismatic politicians this country has had and also the most controversial.
Considering the fact that Laloo has done a post grad form a place like bihar which is our very own version of the spoilt Indian state, could possibly give him a few brownie points, but all that gets ground to dust when we see the family planning commission’s report on the fairly large family that he has manged to sire, he has 11 children and add to the fact that he even justifies his action of the same by suggesting that it was in protest to the mass scale sterilization carried out by the Victorian Mrs Indira Gandhi. He is by far the most haughty of all the politicians with fodder scam actually barely managing to scrape the skin off his body, he remains till date the bad boy of Indian politics, so what makes me write about such a despicable individual? well i do marvel at his brilliance in transforming an ailing Indian railways into a profit churning enterprise well thats not easy to do considering the aristocracy of our bureaucracy. I am actually intrigued at the fact that Mr Laloo for all his achievements still remains as haughty as ever and the evre present arrogance on his pan stained lips never ceases to amuse me.
Its possibly a tribute to Laloo’s brilliance that inspite of all his fallibilities and scerbic attacks on his dear and ever present adversary Nitish Kumar(the latter too leaves no stone unturned and never abates his attacks on the RJD led opposition) he still has managed to maintain the God-like status on his true blue followers, of course the alst polls do indicate the middle class of Bihar is now realizing the need to rise from the slumber that Laloo has forced them into and have gone in for a change of government.
The railways have no doubt gone about a change of face, the like of which it has never possibly seen since inception in the 1800’s and Laloo has been the prime mover for such an amazing changeover. Considering the facade of achievements that the railways boast of, you would be hard pressed to believe that a Bihari bhaiyaa has been at the helm of affairs and guidingt the stern of this rocky ship. I have come across lots of theories taht Laloo has not done anything out of the ordinary and that his act is only one of inking the pacts and he’s just been plain lucky. Well I can just say, if that has been the case then we all have to ride horses of platinum!! I am not the one to admit that its been a case of the mango on the wayfarer’s head, yes it is true that the railways had most of these schemes about them for tae last 20 years and its also true that they did not get implemented due to poor execution. What we are actually overlooking is the fact that the leadership of the railways has been creaky and the statesmen faulty and Laloo has gone about bringing soem very fine developments in this regard, he has managed to stitch together the railways as a cohesive and well oiled machine and that in itself speaks volumes for the ability of this bhaiyya from a remote village in Patna!!



  1. pls give me contect No of bihar cricket bord

  2. pls give me contect No of bihar cricket bord

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