Posted by: digirak | March 29, 2007

Dogs Galore in Ban Galore

This refers to an event that has occurred about a couple of months back, the issue of the dog attacking a4 year old chil, well it would have been justified if the dog jsut tried nipping at the tiny to’s heels, but the deed was more gruesome than that, the little one was ripped , torn into pieces and virtually preyed upon. The child was left with possibly bare shreds of skin covering her panic stricken eyes. What followed was the understandable statement of public outrage, people took to the street in obvious dismay at the act of the canines. But the question is how much of this is justified? Are the dogs to blame? Is it only the BMP which is responsible? Is the child as innoce3nt as the reports claim or is it an over active hyper-mischievous kid responsible for its fate?
I am by no means an animal rights activist, but would love to classify myself as a canine lover , why I do not have a dog is possibly because of domestic encumberences, that apart I do have my reservations about holding the dog responsible. Dogs by nature are very friendly, they are softer versions of their wild cousins,the wolves, so I guess we can safely rule out the theory taht they would have attacked voluntarily to prey on the little child. Let us for the moment eliminate the fact that the child possibly provoked the dog for the sympathy wave to subside in our hearts. So what then has caused this gruesome disaster? Obviously the blame had to fall on the ever vaunting public service, the BMP’s negligence has caused the disaster. There is not enough policing and enough sterilization, street dogs are allowed to breed in numbers…. So on and so forth, ah! my dear fellow citizens just turn a roving eye to the site of the disaster, listen to the sounds that populate this zone of Bangalore’s most congested and yes the most chaotic place!!
BEML is where the Bharat heavy earth movers limited is located and starts from the junction of the Old Madras road coming toward Indiranagar. One need only pause there for a few minutes to get abuzz in ones ear as the honkers try to get the better of one another. The buses look as if they would mow down anything in their paths!! And i would dearly like to know how many years are these engines over their life time, they seem to groan and grind their way through stretches of road which bear distinct resemblances to the Lunar surface!! Grotesque you say, just hold your tongue friends, the worst is yet to come, there is tis absolute disregard to traffic rules as if it were the most sinful thing to do!! Foot paths seem to have replaced bike lanes which ought have been there in the first place and the icing on the cake is the absolute non nonchalant pedestrians who walk without the slightest air of noticing the traffic, and the din therewith is loud enough for a sane man to go senile!! Well to speak of dogs, they only have a sense of hearing about 10 times as good as ours, I can only pray never to be reborn as one in a city!!
The night times only worsen with the lights all abright right at full beam in such an irritating manner that one is inclined to think that he is in a winding mountain road rather than in a city center. With such a racket create , I wonder how the dogs cope with it. It is little wonder that they have gone bonkers and I plead with all motorists to please refine their mode fo driving, at least a few innocent lives can be saved!!


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