Posted by: digirak | March 29, 2007

If the Gods were astronauts

This is the title of a book I came across written by the remarkable Erich Von Daniken author of the Chariots of Fire, a bestsellers a few years back. The book is obviously a very well researched, as is the case with most of daniken’s works, interestingly looks at all stories of God and the tales that accompany that herewith from the perspective of an alien visitation!!

Sounds like wistful thinking, well it may be but Daniken in his true blue style has managed to weave facts and so called fantasy into a very well documented work. I thought I should share the highlight with you guys, Daniken starts off with the Old Testament and talks about abraham’ s God and his diktats to Abraham and how these diktats strangely are filled with self doubt and mistakes which Daniken claims that God cannot commit,true I say but its still figurative is it not? Then he comes to Noah and talks about the manna a mysterious food given by Moses’s God, here Daniken makes the reader realize that the two Gods are different as in they represent totally different genre of aliens!! At least thats what he’s trying to say. He also gives a very interesting account of the Manna that the high priest Arron derives from God and has included quotes from the Bible that seem to indicate that the Manna delivered form God ios actually delivered form a machine and I must say that this is very indicative in the verses themselves. He of course further goes on to prove that the Manna “Machine” is a gift from the aliens.

He also continuously talks about how God was very particular about cleanliness and that he wants man to clean himself before worshiping him, seems to daniken that this is an alien fear of infection!!! Then he goes on about the miracle of Fathima where he claims the apparition is nothing but the aliens imprinting on our minds the thing we want to see the most in the case an apparition of the Virgin Mother Mary. Again very interesting account, its is amazing that we can actually do this kind of stuff through technology, again leaves a lot to be discussed but is very interesting nevertheless.

Then came the most interesting point where he spoke about Indian Legends and, believe it or not, is a strong believer in each of the Legends and regards them as truth and nothing but the truth, satyam satyam punah satyam. He talks about Vimanas used in all the epics, even the epic s themselves he claims is technology left back by aliens. The Brahmastra is the nuclear bomb and the astras are all nothing but very well developed forms of misssiles again an alien invention, because he claims taht people could never ever have thought up technology like this!!!

He even talks about the Buddhist Pagodas being a very well refined depiction of space vehicles, he describes temple architecture as nothing but a very complicated space traveling mechanism. He refers to texts like the Vyamanika Shastra which is a treatise on methods of flying. He finishes off the book with a question about why our primitive ancestors had such an affinity to astronomy and studying the constellations, he again traces the answers to the fact that they had communion with the Gods who were aliens and the brilliant civilizations were actually ripped out by a nuclear war and the only way to preserve their knowledge was to leave these constructions and thereby communicate the ides, only we are missing the link!!!

A very interesting little book, I suggest you people go through it and find out yourselves how much you want to believe it 🙂


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