Posted by: digirak | March 29, 2007

Is it worth it

The ides of April have hence sent into the world of God, the northern hemisphere is sweltering in the searing heat of the sun and elsewhere in the world, past the oceans of glistening blue and onto the sun baked sands, we see the mournful distraught faces of the men in blue.
Seems such a long time since the plane to the Caribbean sands took off with the hopes of a billion hearts along with it, people prayed to all their deities, in mosques and churches alike we could see the people longing for the glistening gold that will not show itself for another four years, it seems ironical that the most cricket crazy region in the world is now having to watch the police protect its heroes.
I actually never cease to wonder that in spite of the repeated request for sanity people still follow cricket in this country like a religion and when the tide turns turtle we see them go berserk. Again we have invested millions of dollars into a game, people have given their blood and sweat, but is it worth the tears shed bu this billions, I wonder!!!
The game is one of glorious uncertainities and subtle in tis character, has some brilliant epitomes and has its tragic heroes, its a great leveler too, but does it merit actually sitting with the idiot box and cat calling the players, I wonder. It is truly a turn of events that the so called contenders for the cup are now returning home, in shame and disgrace. what was it that went wrong is what everyone asks, but everyone forgets that the great game goes on in the Caribbean and the tussle for the world cup is still on.
It is very undeserved in the sense that yesterday’s heroes become today’s chattel house disgraces and tomorrow may even become the kings once agin, a steady turn of events which is sure to take place!!! SO why are we the great nation which produced stalwarts like Shankara, Ramanujam, Sir C V Raman, now getting disturbed by a game of eleven fools playing against eleven others watched by eleven thousand others I really wonder, rise my people look around you there is more to life than this, look at the poverty, the corrupt politicians and our culture slowly getting drained drop by drop, rise my people we have a country to build.


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