Posted by: digirak | March 29, 2007

The eternal Visionary

India has always been a land to lead the world, do not get me wrong but be it right or worng many of the events in the world have had its bearing s instilled from this ancient land. Without doubt most of recent history ought to prove me wrong but I still hold that many of the curent concepts of democracy are as old as the peaks of the Himalayas, we have had circumstances when Indian kings have taken the opinion of the village in a sort of secret ballot as is evident form the various epics that form the culture of this ancient land. It also has produced some fantastic luminaries who have shone like a beacon through the world in almost all fields. Shankaracharya being one of the greatest visionaries of modern India was possibly the most brilliant of them all.
Born in the 4th century in the village of Kalady , today a lesser known village in the state of Kerala, he was a religious integrator one of whose kind the world will crave to see again, nay he was in the true sense an integrator of the nation par excellence. Sankara was a brahmin born to learn the Vedas and do the ancient ceremonies as per the divine law, shastras. But Sankara was no ordinary boy, mastering the scriptures by the age of 16 he was all set to lead the world into a spiritual domain that was to revolutionize religious thought and ideas of the era and we shall see lay the very foundations of national integration in Bharathvarsha.
A look at the situation in India would make the situation clearer, India was a f actioned piece of land between princely states and the religious lawmakers who assumed the power of those semi divine bestowers of salvation. The priests who were to lead the peple towards God were more interested in leading themselves to the joys of worldly life and the corruption had made them arrogant and power hungry. The buddhists and Jains sought to lead people away from worldly life and into the wilderness in pursuit of salvation and this had bled the country of its promising young talent.
Shankara stormed into this turbulent world and reinstated the virtue of doing once duties and attaining the divine therby. His brilliant principles of Advaita and his flabbergasting understanding of the bewildering Vedas amazed one and all. then as a stroke of genius shankara established what would then be the pivot of human civilization, the Maths. Figureheads from where the brilliant word of shankara would continue to live on after his death. In 16 years the wonder of creation covered the length and breadth of this country on foot and unified the people driven astray by the lack of proper direction.
It was this brilliant idea of maths which actually unified the country and sowed the seeds of patriotism
Salutation to this great visonary


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