Posted by: digirak | March 30, 2007

Kolams the tryst of Tamilnadu

That every state in India has its own distinct and unique flavour is a tribute to the brilliant and rich culture that BharathVarsha as the ancients knew this fair land is renowned for, where but would you find rivers taht run alongside mighty mountains and seeping valleys washed ashore by mighty seas, truly India is blessed by the kind of natural treasures that rival Paradise. The art forms in this country have also developed a great deal and with each century and with the new kingdoms rising with them various art forms were given patronage, drawing and the art of whose medium is the rice powder is popularly known in tamil nadu as Kolams or The Art.

A beauty

Typically an example of a Kolam is as depicted above a beautiful design either floral or geometric in depiction. Most Kolam,s will be as shown below, i.e devoid of colour but rich in variety and design being extermely complicated.


So we do notice the fact that these wonderful works of art represent a cultural heritage of Tamil Nadu, so what do they mean? Are they random works of art done by people just the way Picasso did his? Are they deep and meaningful as Michaelangelo’s works of art?

To tell the truth the beauty in these beautiful works lies in the variety that it offers, they depict both the lifestyle of the average Tamil and also seek to enlighten him of the works that define divine. normally Kolams are done by the lady of the house, as the tradition goes the lady of the house wakes up first thing in the morning before her husband, washes her face and washes her courtyard and then draws the traditional Kolam. Typically on religious festivals or auspicious days the Kolams are large and elaborate and are done after one’s bath, these days the twist is taht the Kolam is done the night before!!! Kolams are divided into two categories 1. The Kolam of dough(maavu Kolam)2. the Kolam of rice (Podi Kolam) The first one is normally done on polished surfaces with the rice dissolved in water and the ratio being a predetermined one makes the fine batter a very good art material, very similar to oil colours. The other kind is the same rice flour is use directly and is a harder and much more delicate handiwork.


Thwe image above is another wonderful exponent of how wonderful these kolams can get, the picture shows a peacock trying to ride onto a tree, the subtleness of the protagonist, the peacock and the relative brashness of the tree brings out a synergy which shows how artistically inclined the ladies of the house are. Pretty obviously this is not something they have thought hard about clearly seen in the naiveness of the art but it is this simplicity that endears the whole work to us.

img_0189.jpg This is a regular geometric arrangement of the columns and rows forming a neat checker board and shows how well mathematically inclined these art forms are. The pretty arrangements of the floral ddesigns within the rhombuses themselves are excellent testimony of the confluence of scince abnd arts!!

This is just the glimpse of the wonderful culture thats been developed at the back yard of these so called primitive peoples and lot more craves to be seen and discovered , so lets go and tell the world,Yes we are teh proud inheritors of this wonderful culture!


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