Posted by: digirak | March 31, 2007

Is the End of the road in sight


Pakistan has been a sort of a problem child to the world the like of which you would not really be keen to have. Its been the mischief monger of the sub continent and despite repeated attempts by India has refused to see the end of the tunnel as far as the Kashmir issue is concerned. They have been a dictatorship government since the last 6 years and despite all its attempts, the US has not managed to convert it into a democracy. So whats does the mind of the wily Pervez Musharraf want and how does this cunning military man plan to change the course of history of this turbulent little youngster of the subcontinent? The path of democracy Musharraf claims is to early for Pakistan dominated as it is by the clerical muslims and its fanatic followers. So what does he propose to do?

In the last 6 months or so, Pakistan has seen some of the worst political see-saws and has had the worst period as far as the economy is concerned. The US has since been lenient as whence Pakistan has contributed to its cause of fighting terrorism, mysteriously confined to Afghanistan and Iraq!! The under pressure US government post 9-11 has evidently forgotten to democratize Pakistan. Pervez would have been none the merrier. But the dictatorship government has not helped Pakistan in the way that Musharraf had hoped, the economy had takena beating, the defence though solid as in the days of Nawaz Shariff was now assuming more and more autocratic power in an already impoverished nation. Musharraf has not been able to crack down on the terrorist networks which have been a thorn in the arm for Pakistan. Kashmir has only deepened in Violence, considering the fact taht it also houses many Pakistani citizens!!

The people have been fairly disillusioned and started their rumblings for the last year or so. There were isolated incidents of protest maybe just to mark their pent up rage, but nevertheless not so in the last 6 months. The people of pakistan much like their Indian cousins seek peace in the valley, a secure livelihood and a chance to express themselves like all others., all of which have been denied by the autocratic government of the General. Basic necessities of the people today comprise of the freedom of press and the right to information, which is precisely why the act was applied in India. Can a government leashing the regulations on these necessities really satisfy the people? The governing troubles in Pakistan seem to suggest that. People are beginning to revolt openly and the crime rate has risen suddenly, an indication of societal unrest! ? The number of people getting onto the streets in protest suggest that the government is losing its overwhelming public support that it had since the Afghan war.

The Bush administration has been having its own set of problems since the afghan war there has been consternation in the camp of Bush and with the latest debacle of the senate elections there is so much on Bush’s hands that I guess a even a pretzel would be a mouth full for the american president and all thsi considering the fact taht Pervez was a genial dictator and generally a more accepted person as far as dictators were concerned. Again it would be like rubbing salt on sore wounds for Musharraf if the US denies it cooperation in the Kashmir issue, which is what will happen in all likelihood, as they have already exhausted their supply of funds reserved for peacekeeping in Kashmir .

The clerics are very much against Musharaff at this point in time in view of the fact that he had quite turned turtle and disturbed the Islamic brother hood by turning against Osama and the same act has boomeranged back to Pakistan with the Us now suspecting that Pakistan is housing Osama and Party!!!

Thus the public opinion on which the Musharaff regime was riding on a high wave so far is slowly but surely ebbing tide and is going to take its toll. But the dictator himself is quite a hrd nut to crack and as we have seen before he has a method of bouncing back when the world’s on his back and has a way of converting a situation against him into a favourable one.

the million dollar question though remains, Is it the End of the Road for this phlegmatic and savvy dictator of this erstwhile and turbulent nation Pakistan


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