Posted by: digirak | April 2, 2007

The Pandora’s Box of the Sub continent

Kashmir ki dharti Rani Hai                                umars-kashmir2.jpg

Sartaj Himalay hai!!

This is the start of a popular song that is taught at high school level to most kids in India typically in a state run institution, much being the obvious geographical reference, they possibly never looked at the political turnout of such a song!! Its been typical of any Indian to consider Kashmir as the queen of India’s many beatific places. Its been occupying a pride of position in all of the India descriptions , be it Kashmir Ki Kali or be it The heaven on earth epithet, Kashmir has been a dominant factor in the Indian mindset. So I do assume that the reader would have by now articulated that Kashmir would be precious possession that the country would guard like her very Life!! Well Sadly thats scarcely the case!!

Kashmir was handed over to India, this is still a controversy but nevertheless we hall for posterity’s sake manitain that being the scenario, to the Indian government by Hari Singh the King of the erstwhile Jammu and Kashmir. It was a glorious day in the history of Kashmir when Hari Singh decided to assert her independence, goodness it did not last a few months as the fear of the spartan Pakistan forced Hari to sign a hurried pact with India and merge herself to the Indian country. It has been quite a seesaw since then with the Pakistanis demanding their piece of land and resorting to techniques short of brutishness.

The land was ravaged post the independence pact by the invaders and the resulting battle marks a glorious period in Indian aviation history. It was a paradox that despite the heavy losses sustained by the Pakistanis they ended taking a chunk of territory which is popularly known as POK. It is possibly fair to say that the rest of the wars in this region have mostly belonged to India in terms of territory but possibly to Pakistan in terms of Men and ammunition. India’s main part of the budget is the defence and justifiably so when looking at the enormous security threat this small little state poses us with. The Pakistani budget on the other hand focuses the development of long range missiles, of which most are suggestively named after Islamic looters in India. the other half of their budget mostly focuses on the upkeep of one of the most rowdy forces of modern society its notorious ISI, inter intelligence service. The IsI lso holds the secret to Pakistan’s best denied offences, proxy war and in modern terminology terroirsm.

Pakistan’s biggest trump in recent times has been the infiltrators who have effectively acted as unreported part of Pakistani army and have caused sufficient damage t most Kashmiri towns. These jehad fed islamist extremists go about mass slaughter in the subcontinent with the aid of foreign bombs. Strange that the west which talks so much about terrorism in all parts of the world seems to forget about the existence of this face of the subcontinent. The total number of lives lost in a decade in the US post 9-11 till date is possibly the number of people that India loses in a week. The total amount of militants in this part of the world is equivalent to the total number of suspected terrorists the world over! Why then is teh west turning a blind eye?

If this is a third world problem then pray tell me why you need to get assistance from a third world nation? If the west expects the whole world to cry in grief at the death of a reporter then is it too much to expect at least moral support in times of crises as it is now? I think as many voices have fallen silent in the Valley so will mine but this is not the end, a fresh beginning will have to commence infused with tehengyu of the youth and fired by the power of truth!!


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