Posted by: digirak | April 6, 2007

Apex Court Is the Apex!!


Its quite a disgrace that in a judicial system as that of ours which is so well developed and well organised and is also well defined in terms of power and distribution of it that people still struggle to understand the positon of the SC. The Supreme court forms that part of the judiciary that lends to us the true power of democracy. It is not a sense of crazed nationalism that prompts me to say this,but in control alone will true freedom prevail. Its truly disgusting to think that the real storehouse of judicial power in the country is being openly challenged and even degraded. A Verdict given by the Supreme Court is Law but not the court itself!!!

Normally you would hold the means as testimony to trhe fact that the ends are achieved morally, so the means play in important part in the cehieving of the ends and yet the SC is derided by misguided public! The Supreme court verdict is but to all of us a sense of the upkeep of the Law of the land how than can we allow this brilliant power to be degraded. The stay order against the reservations is fair and complete and never the less it is something that has been said by the Lawmaker. The conduct of the minorities is very distasteful, especially if it is against the supreme court of the country! It seems to me that inspite of the great liberty given to the people of India the misuse outshines the use of the same.

How can but one justify the fact that people have actually got on to the streets and even challenged the ultimate authority of the Apex court. The Indian constitution bestows on its citizens the chance to be able to express their views without fear and with complete fortitude. Do not get me wrong but the most uncommon thing these days is common sense and invariably the wont of which is making our country replete with ignorant imbeciles.The supreme court has given its directive on the res4ervation policy with due thought,it is decision which is going to affect numerous lives of students and parents alike. So is it not our basic duty to follow with due recourse?

I am a firm believer in the freedom of press and that f4o expression, but is it without any holds barred? It most definitely cannot be without restriction, for discipining is a must if the freedom has to thrive and grow. With great power comes great responsibility, in places like here we have the responsibility of more than one-sixth of the world, so is it not our responsibility to act with careful discretion. Hence it is but imminent that we safeguard our national judicial symbol with utmost regard and not waste precious news reel talking about how and why it went wrong rather try and diagnose teh cause of the problem, mere protests and burning effigies is only going to send our country deeper into ruckus


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