Posted by: digirak | April 10, 2007

It was nice knowing you Greg

It is quite an irony that India cricket has not yet matured to the degree to be able to identify the difference between wanting to succeed and succeeding. We always talk about how important it is to have the killer instinct, how vulnerable we are as a unit, Team India etc. I really wonder at time whether we really want to be all this or is it just another one of those day dreams that we see in the Indian psyche! I personally feel taht we always hold the price for these things a little too low, in the sense that we really do not want to pay the price for them. Greg Chappell is a competitor, bred in the Australian school of hard and tough cricket he is a fighter tough as nails guy. The Indians, current crop at least, are fed on public adoration and are used to words of sweetness. Never are they publicly outraged on and never humiliated. Two ends of the opposite coin!! Greg is not the diplomat he believes in calling the spade a spade and save Sachin and Rahul, its would be tough to find someone as tough in the Men in Blue. gregchappelpic2.jpg

The fact that Greg went to the media with the seniors reaction is an unpardonable offense, but from his perspective, he possibly felt responsible to the over-obsessed Indian crowd and therefore laid bare the the facts! Something the Indians are not used to, when he lynched the Prince of Calcutta he was absolutely spot on with the timing but what was lost on him was the fact that Indian cricket does not treat its heroes like that He had a very good motive of sending a strong message out that he would not tolerate nonsense and what possibly went out is the fact that Greg is a vindicative anger driven ruthless foe. Pathan was dropped for non-performance and it destroyed his confidence let me ask you what this whole thing means, does it mean that a players confidence depends on whether he is in or out of the team, does it not depend on his ability! Again the lack of communication, I do understand that Greg had a problem communicating with the player, then what was the manager doing when he could see the situation clearly!!

People accused Greg that he had been very inflexible, so were the players themselves flexible? Why was it that in-spite of the fact that we were having a big problem opening the innings with Sehwag that none of the players,save Dravid, volunteered to don the role. In the name of stability it was the same players who pushed Dravid to keep and the man of steel carried on without a look back!! strange that the same players should accuse Greg Chappell of favoritism. It is only fair to give him time, he has had just 22 months with the boys and he was unfortunate that a miserable bunch of overconfident players were chucked out of the world cup, which they thoroughly deserved!! But our sympathies with this miserable lot and our hatred towards a man who strived to change the face of Indian cricket! India is truly a land of paradoxes. Greg has imbibed in himself a brand of cricket which is more of war than of cricket, if we want to be world champions we need that spirit! I mean it is all fine to say that we are sorry et all, to be brutally honest it is all the better that we came out of the world cup, humiliation at the hands of australia would have been worse!! Greg was trying his level best to instill in these paper tigers the belief to beat Australia and he has been unceremoniously asked to walk out! Strange for man who is so principled to give a resignation after publicly stating that it is privilege to work for the Indian team!

I am never in favor of foreign coaches but I personally believe that if India are to make it to the big league we need more than long haired cricketers and sissies who need to be given the red carpet to step on to playing arena.So far what I can say is, It was really nice knowing you Mr Greg Chappell, but Indian cricket is still an immature adult


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