Posted by: digirak | April 17, 2007

Its a case of tail chasing the Dog


Rahul Gandhi is quite an anomaly, he seems to be one of the niche and well conducted in society and still manages to make a scene and fool of himself. Its quite disconcerting to see that our politicians see the Indian public as ravenous wolves waiting to gorge Pakistan down their throat. I am really appalled to see that there seems to be animosity not only at the center but even at the grass root level towards this issue. If it really was a case of having to stay independent after destroying Pakistan, I pray I do not want such independence. Is it really worth the effort that we are putting and is it even worth the money that we spend on politicians who have no clue about what the public or for taht matter what the economy is?

I really appreciate Rahul’s fervor and his faith in his family, but talking about Pakistan in an election campaign in UP is stretching it a bit too far!! I mean talking about gross statistics, I really do not think its actually feasible to wage a war against Pakistan, or for that matter even harbor enmity. Hostility, yes but not hatred! I do agree that the Kashmir issue should get priority but not at the cost of war or animosity, Rahul Gandhi’s statement is precisely stating that and it does not bode too well when we think of such people as the future of UP!! I would totally understand had he even gone on to say that his family had aided in freeing Bangladesh! But he actually went on to say that his family broke up Pakistan. It is utterly out of the scheme of things to even talk about Pakistan and let alone India being a part of a freedom struggle. Does this actually reveal taht the First Family of this country wanted to split Pakistan so as to be able to eventually overrun it. Does this go on to say that all the talk about helping a nation(Bangladesh) regain was all hogwash! Are we then supposed to trust this family again!! I have nothing against the Nehru or Gandhi family, I personally have not experienced any kind of misrule so am in no position to comment. I was however struck by the double standards thats gaping me at my face!

It was truly sad to see someone as sane as manmohan Singh having to back up someone as stupid as Rahul Gandhi in spite of such an absolutely absurd comment. If Manmohan Singh is under the impression that India can actually stand the strain of a war, which is sure to follow suit with people at the helm of the likes of Rahul Gandhi, then God save India! The current instability of the economy hardly allows the liberty of having to militarize our borders and we have Rahul Gandhi talking about splitting up Pakistan. BJP’s retort bettered even Rahul Gandhi’s blooper, they are now cautioning UP that it was the same family that also split India. Is there any sanity left or is it the Armageddon.

To sign off I am just curious as to what was Rahul Gandhi’s actual motive in commenting on Pakistan. To my knowledge, I don ‘t think he was around to even know about his family’s involvement, what then could have prompted him to make such an irrational comment! I mean is it this pride that he is part of a glorious heritage or is it just a political gimmick. If you ask me its just Rahul Gandhi trying to get back to his family’s political leanings, a simple case of Tail Chasing the dog!!


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