Posted by: digirak | April 18, 2007

The Juggernauts from Oz


Cricket Australia is one of the most efficient corporations yet since possibly the ford corporation. Its efficiency at churning out some of the best cricketers that world cricket has seen is unmatched and this world cup is proving to be Australian territory. Their cricketing skills are taking all and sundry by surprise, be it Ireland or South Africa they are literally pulling the wings of their backs. Strictly speaking I feel this is too early an stage to discuss who the world champions would be but the Australians leave me rarely in doubt that if any body deserve to rule the cricketing world it is the wizards if Oz.

Their batting is possibly one of the best in the world. they have one of the biggest plunderers in modern oe day cricket in Mat Hayden. Gilchrist gives him quite competition in the dimunitive  blaster. Considering the fact that they are such an opposite pair in cricket they make a lethal combination. Bowlers lose their steam the moment either of these let loose their fury and God save the bowling which has to face the wrath of both these. Ricky Ponting coming in next with Mathew Clarke is possibly what we call the quintessential middle order batters, fine stroke makers and brilliant runners between wickets and awesome soft bat players. These two are quite a dream middle order. The next to follow is the mighty Andy Symonds another man mountain quite capable of sending all the fielders on a leather hunt around the park. The awesome athletic abilities of this Trans-West Indian is to be seen to be believed. He may look like a Golaith but is sure to win the 110mts medal!! Never mind if his running is ungainly or his batting is save the normal!! But the shots he executes are most accurate.

The bowling is where the aussies stagger a wee bit, but they are more than making it up by their  stupendous fielding and athleticism. Bradd Hogg seems to have come of age as a left arm orthodox, and Nathan Bracken seems to have taken to accuracy like a fish to water. Shaun Tait makes up his lack of consistency with sheer pace which few lower order batters can stand. He seems a good future quick for CA. Mcgrath is still the old workhorse and like wine he seems to get better as he gets older. His accuracy and potency leaves one amazed at his tenacity. Scarcely seems fair to see him for one last time in the one day arena. The fifth bowler slot is more than made by the gentle giant Symonds with his luke warm seamers and Matthew Clarke with his part time off-spin. He reminds of the legendary mark Waugh with both his bowling and strokes. One ingredient that seems to really miss this pretty picture is a spinner of the calibre of Warne or Murali to scintillate the performance and Australia of all teams will be feeling that the most. They pride themselves on being the number one in every department and this is their only chink in the armour.

Its scarcely surprising therfore to see them being crowned world champions because nothing can take the pleasure  away from a battle well won especially when it is by the Wizards Of Oz


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