Posted by: digirak | April 26, 2007

Exasperating yet true!

There is a thin line they say dividing absolute stupidity and eccentricity, everyone claims that they are always on the eccentric side while the sane observers do see quite the opposite picture. The quota row never ceases to amaze me and the statements that follow it makes me just double over with laughter. the world of indian politics is getting more and more hilarious with the the politicians making buffoons of not only themselves but also their party. There seems to be no end whatsoever to this issue and even with the supreme court planting its foot firmly on a denial, the parties have not stopped bickering. What amazes me most is the whole thought behind the need for reservation. I mean is there any body to wake these activists and ask them exactly what they are protesting for.If it is against injustice,what may I ask are they rambling about!

Vedic India is possibly one of those brilliant manifestations of social organization that makes even a hard cast sociologist to drop his jaw. It possibly is the only one of its kind where slavery was at its minimum and aristocracy was at its benevolent best. It had the only pseudo democracy which possibly paved way for the modern chaos we call democracy. Aha! but it had a falliability, the caste system! It had dug its dregs into human civilization and threatened to erode the very roots of mankind. Hold on there! We have always been studying that shudras were low caste oppressed people who were not given their daily bread. they were made slaves of the kings. Now let me just give you a perspective. What is it that were denied to these Shudras? Vedic education? they were not allowed to read the Vedas. To my knowledge the present struggle has nothing at all to do with the vedic learning. Ok so they were not given social opportunities! Fair, but what opportunities are they being given now may I ask? How many of these BC(at least thats what they puff their chests up and say) have really voted? How many of the forward caste people have themselves voted? It really makes no difference you know because its the same sloth which keeps harping on the same problems.Yet every party that comes to power promises social justice!!what then about Women’s liberation, widow remarriage and rational thinking! Things which have been apparently denied in the vedas.

Seems to me that the vote bank game is just getting deeper and what does Mr Manmohan singh come up with? Delay admissions into the IIM’s . Let more of the future of the country rot in utter disdain. Let the educated youth go down fighting against reservations. What sort of governance are we having? Is the venerable President lending ear? This is not going to take us very far. the foundations of a mighty country are its educated class. The vote banks will help only if there is someone to govern. I am sorry to say the congress government is sheepish, despite having some of the biggest brains in the country, it is no better than a gang of surly seat savers!

There is obviously no end to this matter unless the SC actually deals a death blow and declares reservations null and void. Unless there is some serious decisions taken in this matter, I presume the demand for reservations is only going to intensify rendering any effort by the the general category to get justice insipid. But currently the situation is exasperatingly stupid


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