Posted by: digirak | April 30, 2007

Puthiya Mugam- an Album par excellence

ARR has been a phenomenon in the south Indian music world, one which has been neither expected nor accepted by most critics of music. His daring in combining delicate classical ragas into western head rockers has left admirers and critics alike open mouthed in amazement! Puthitya Mugam is one of Rahman’s lesser known albums. It is possibly the poetic paradox that such a beautiful album went down as a major flop. The songs though still thrill and engage the fantasy of many a listener.

This is the song which captures the moment of an unwed Revathi, singing for the man of her drams. The background score is so typical of Rahaman’s western leanings and the light jingle that starts the song is a refreshing breath of fresh air. Sujatha is the lead singer and has spiced the song with her innocence and revathi’s rompings are well deserved her crown as the youngster of the industry. The first line conveys the joy felt by the character, possibly newly wed or a newly in love and the interspersing of the flute in the song is a tribute to the musical genius of ARR. The lilting notes remind one of the cozy winter mornings lying curled up under the razai!!

The wonderful background beginning with the lush meadows of New England and going onto clear streams of possibly a German river and culminating in the misty Ooty hill is a treat to go with the song. The shots of Suresh Menon playing the flute in a dark background with the sun sinkinggives one a sense of Deja Vu. There are two versions of this song with the male and the female, the male version is a more sober and mellowed version of the song. Still quite a song!!

This is the other mind blowing song that this album features. Amazing lyrics and wonderful composition. The song also starts of a keyboard jingle another of Rahaman’s touches making this quite the treat it goes on to be. A neat song which goes through the first 9 months of married life of Suresh and Revathi. The song talks about the beauties of life and all the poetic goodness that exist. The flute as been used extensively and Unni Krishnan’s sweet melodious voice seems wonderful background as the video takes one through till Revathi’s pregnancy. The pauses in the song are so noteworthy that it lends an extra note to this rarely simple composition. Most of ARR’s songs seem to wind themselves up too much with beats and the complicated scales used.This one however is on a 2nd octave G-scale and is easy to go through as far as the music and notes are concerned. the beats are little more complicated, though could not figure out the base beat,it seems to be constant throughout. The rhythm is exhilarating, the glissando is as expected very shrewdly crafted but the overall effectis breathtaking. On a non technical note theses 4 songs make the Album more than its money’s worth!!



  1. Puthiya Mugam is an above average album. It had great songs like Netru Illatha and Kannukku Mai. But it also had some average numbers.

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