Posted by: digirak | May 27, 2007

Encore India?

Yet another brilliant victory in sight for the men in blue as they thrash the Bangladeshi team to smithereens. Kudos to the professionalism of the fine Indian bats as Bangladesh have been subjugated to the pride of the Indian willow. The bowlers seem to have regained their lost prowess as the line and length seems to have seeped back into their constitution. Pretty shots, well manicured drives and fine running between the wickets has made this quite almost seem invincible. But is this more of the mirage that we are seeing as far as our sights permit us?

The one day series as I see it was what can be described best as a cross between an experiment with the youngsters and a relentless  desire for the tigers of Bangladesh to prove that their win in the world cup were pure flukes. It makes it all the more obvious that these players are scarcely the talent that is expected at an international level competition, nothing to take away though the fact that they had made it to the super eights fair and square and they did quite a jaded Indian team. But this series has turned quite a damper, notwithstanding the rain that is. the Indians inspite of an obsolete display of batting skills and quite atrocious bowling managed to get away in front of a team which made them seem like giants!! Dravid would no doubt be shrewd enough to realize that the core nucleus of the side is as shaky as the cream on a fresh cream pastry. Ganguly and Sachin have become less than remote shadows of their former selves and inspite of good shows would only be kidding themselves to think that they are in form. Dhoni has long belied his initial promise and has vent his ire on an under performing Bangladesh side.  Yuvraj has all but disappeared from the scene with his fitness worries, but the tragedy of the whole episode is possibly VVS Laxman, the man is to be pitied once the erstwhile vice captain and now struggling to find a place in the eleven.

The bowling is beginning to show so many cracks in the seam that its difficult to think that we would have a going bowling combination for the next 20 years or so. There is neither pace nor swing and a sane Irfan pathan seems to have been forgotten altogether. R P singh seems more of the flash in the pan variety and VRV singh lacks too much experience to play at this level

All in all an extremely disappointing tour and begs to be called an India encore



  1. hey there. Thanks for the info :). It was rather nice reading this at this late hour. i wud bump here later. t/c

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