Posted by: digirak | May 30, 2007

Cultural Outburst

Its quite a shame that in a land where art and culture has occupied a pride of place in both the public eye and has been the private domain for many a king, is taking quite beating these days. he case of Chandra mohan has set the country afire. People basically have been pointing fingers at the fact that the religious zealots have been rampaging on soft targets namely one Mr M F Hussain is featured quite regularly in the news reels.  As such I am not exactly a big fan of Hussain, but I really feel the excesses he’s committed on his paintings leave a lot to be desired and especially when it comes to his bizzare depictions it scarcely seems forgivable.

The picture above is possibly a very poetic retention of hanuman, hard to miss however is the striking red underwear and the superman like body. Its always fine to have your own ideas, I would like M F to try this on his parents am sure the results would be markedly different. Hanuman is a very respected figure of Hindu Mythology  and the very reason to depict him as superman begs to be forgiven. the figures in the heart of Hanuman are said to be rama and sita but what we see here is a  set of naked human beings!!

Too much of an expression if you ask me, personally I do   not see any mythological relevance, because hanuman never left Lanka with sita, nevertheless a naked lady on the back Hanuman’s tail is nothing less than heaping salt on a  wounded man. The reference that this has nothing to do with Hanuman is also equally absurd, keeping with the fact that normally you dont see monkeys running around with torches!!!

I personally feel the cultural outburst on both sides of the factions is over the top, the veritable making of a mountain of a mole hill



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