Posted by: digirak | June 9, 2007

Venus the bad boy of the solar system

Ungainly would possibly describe venus most accurately, be it her retrograde motion or her inhospitable atmosphere or her fiery meteor storms she has most certainly lent a twist to her past and future least expected of a fair sized rock 2nd from the sun.

To be really honest, it does not seem even an appealing sight from a telescope, most terrestrial ones show venus as nothing but an unblinking bright star which is possibly marred by phases, from a fairly good telescope , like the 24″ one we would be able to get a picture of what at the outset seems nothing more than a sandy world. This is where the paradox strikes. Venus has nothing remotely sandy about it!! Its in fact a hard rocky surface which is constantly pounded by meteor storms and the swirls of sandy mists are actually clouds bearing deadly sulphuric acid. Venus traditionally is the goddess of love,

but far from love the planet itself betrays a hostile atmosphere, the temperature being higher than that of mercury, the closest planet to the sun on account of the deadly global warming which is accounted for by the gas clouds. Quite a rare phenomenon is the visibility of land on venus and thanks to a couple of space probes it makes an interesting spectacle.

Land is quite rocky blasted by meteors and has a veritable look out for hell!! It has streams of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide billowing from its volcanic mountain. Quite an uncharitable wind speed and atmospheric pressures at about 10 times the normal. To basically talk about an sub normal atmosphere and also considering the fact that venus actually revolves around the sun from east to west makes it a maverick by all measures. Strange and yet very compelling counts as one the favorite research subjects these days


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