Posted by: digirak | June 12, 2007

Burst of speed

The Canadian grand prix was what we could dub best as the race of disasters with most of the racers crashing out long before the last 20 laps. It puzzles me to no deal that this was possibly the best conditions for racing that the people would have got. Clear skies and awesome sunny warm weather. The tyres getting heated up to optimum temperature for 7o scorching laps and what turned up was quite the opposite with most of the race being led by the safety car, it must have been quite disappointment for the people. However one man who never possibly complained was hamilton, the latest addition to the Mclaren armory. The bright eyed english boy seems to have taken to formula one as a fish to water. His brilliance withe red and silver is quite remarkable and his speed on the chicanes quite justifies his amazing rise to the top within the 1st 6 races. I have only seen Schumacher exert the same sort of control on the chicanes and though his straight line leaves a lot to be desired hes still ruling the turns. Alonso seems to have fallen prey to some sort of phobia with his racing being definitely below his normal racing limits.

But the shocker of the race was possibly the crash of Cubiza, possibly one of the most violent crashes left Cubiza almost confined to a 4X4 space. Kubica clipped the Toyota of Italian Jarno Trulli causing his BMW Sauber car to slide off the circuit and crash into a wall, before rebounding across the track in a barrel roll and hitting another barrier. It once again goes to emphasize the absolute limits of the machine that these people are pushing to. the crash had the safety car

for a good 4 laps, effectively reducing race speed and time.

Its pretty obvious that Indianapolis is going to be a hard fought contest witha ll the teams vying for a podium finish


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