Posted by: digirak | June 13, 2007

Who takes the mantle

The statuette of the position of coach is once agin in turmoil with outright rejections the BCCI should am sure need to do a lot of soul searching. The Indian coasching agenda is the highest paying in the world and if coaches have to leave such a  high profile segment it goes a long way to talk about the manner in which sensitve issues are handled.

Personally I would love to see someone of the class of Gundappa Vishwanath to actually be in the hot seat, he has both the charisma and also the head to sit through the pressure. We need at this point someone who can crack the whip and also wield the silver ladle. Too much of either would rip the team apart. Its all fine to talk about happy players and bonding and those ergonomic words of self effacing praise, but it scarcely talks about the need of the hour, at this point the Indian team is nothing but a bunch of bungling over confident clowns who have a long way to go to reach the heights of th 2003 side.  someone who can pull the lads and make talented boys like piyush chawla have a meaty chunk without fearing his head.

Clive LLoyd or a Viv richards would possibly do the job of enthusing the pride of the boys in blue  which seems so conspicuous by its absence. There needs to be some serious putging of the matters of the heart as the team seems more dominated by emotions of being wronged  by the public than anything else. Again dravid here needs to be alittle more assertive with the boys, I personally do not see him being the leader by nature more of the follower!!

It will be an interesting result to see who the BCCI nominates as the next coacj and whetehr he actually takes up the mantle


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