Posted by: digirak | June 18, 2007

Permanency in the infinite

The night of the 15th of june is one I am not going to forget in a hurry. To start off it was a cloudy night when me and Amar Sharma set off for the trip to halli, the idea of course was comet hunting and Amar was in his elements. Chattering about his impending 12th comet, so we were at Halli by about 930. Just in time to see the clouds obscuring the magnificent skies. We got about a window of an hour to observe the sky and it was an hour I would not forget in a hurry.

Spring is quite the time for the milky way to pick up at  Cygnus and Sagittarius, the Cygnus portion represents the core heart of the milky way and the Saggi represents the tail as it sinks down south. I have scarcely seen a more glorious sight, what with the amazing whiteness of the galaxy contrasting with the scattered stars of the constellation make it a sight so viewable that one is left breathlessmilkyway.jpg at its munificences on mankind. I was truly taken in by the band as it faintly spiraled down the southern horizon with the dark patches acting in as a highlight to its lighted portions. The Cygnus portion needs much more clearer less lit up skies to  reveal itself was nonetheless beautiful. Also has some amazing messiers neatly embedded to give the impression of raisins in pudding. Even as andromeda rose to the east the galaxy was begginning to make itself look like the cousin of bigger milky way, the contrast was striking. Really speaking both are spiral galaxies andromeda being the larger one is also one of the sights of the sky. The lyrid meteor shower just happened to light up this wonderful scenario.images.jpg

Even as the meteors streaked across the back bone of the sky and lit up the starry skies we were left staring open mouthed with only one thought in mind is this God the permanance in the infinite


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