Posted by: digirak | June 18, 2007

Sivaji: Technically brilliant conceptually terrible

By the standards of Rajni the superstar this film would possibly pass off as one of the many feathers in his cap and for the director Shankar as one of his many eccentric creations but for us a s viewers you are left in the lurch as to what he tried to convey and what was in there that was not there in any other Shankar movie. Just to be very brutally honest, he has just repackaged anniyan in a more melodramatic and slick fashion with Shreya providing the oomph that Sada lacked, besides that of course you had the BOSS himself rocking the daylights out of the baddies. The surprise package of the movie was Vivek who had clearly a very cut out role to fill up for Rajni’s younger days with his glib tongue. He almost over shadowed the superstar with his work, his comic timing was more than adequate and his acting seems to be among the best.


Technically I would crave to see a better and more well set movie especially under Indian standards, basically it is a Rajni movie and the people should get more than a good dose of action, that is precisely what is dished out with dollops of punch dialogues and his stylisms will sent the front benchers alight. The problem however creeps at the point where we try to connect the reasoning of Shankar and actual true possibilities, here’s where the movie goes overboard and all the goodness is leaked out like air out of a punctured tyre. Basically its hard to visuallize a 60 year old, though the age does not show crediting the make up artists, battling youngsters half his age and creating stunts mastered only by super man.

The worst role perhaps were those of Manivannan and Vadivukku arasi, who were merely there for want of doing anything better. Shriya is all oomph just standing there in a  ready to bare it all role , not much of a scope to showcase her talent, if any at all, she plays the demur girl who transforms to the ravishing seductress at the drop of a note of music. Strange considering the fact that Sivaji claims he wants a cultured Indian girl for a wife and imagines her  as the seductress a la cleopatra at each song!!! There is alos a song on how Rajni- the fair(!!!!) seduces his girl, bad in taste and pathetically executed. The music sticks out like a sore thumb, Rahaman has apparently done too much of experimentation.


Over all a shoddy show as far as the plot is concerned which goes absolutely nowhere but technically  very sound, camera angles make ur head do a few flips in amazements. But definitely not worth the hype



  1. wow,

    very fine movie it very mail stone for annbu thalivar super star

  2. Hello

    Great book. I just want to say what a fantastic thing you are doing! Good luck!


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