Posted by: digirak | July 2, 2007

Bomarillu- an experiment with innocence

One of the finer elements of childhood is possibly the fact that innocence was captured in essence of the questions on the very basic facts of life such as a flower blooming in the day and withering in the night, quite the same case as the child finds his mind unfurling and wrapping onto various avenues of interest. The movie takes us through the journey of young Siddhu(Siddarth) through his family life consisting of the typically over bearing father in Prakash Raj who governs every stage of his life seemingly trying to do his best for him. Sidhu is the typically frustrated lad who vents his anger by abusing his father at every possible instant, of course behind his back!!

All this changes for sidhu when he meets a new lass inbomm.jpg his college, Harini(Genelia) ,who is the quintessential girl next door until he gets to know her better only to realize that shes quite tomboy, though fundamentally girlish. She easily befriends people and in her charming childlike spontaneity wins the hearts of bommarillu48.jpgand all. Sidhu of course falls head over heels in love with our lass. So far the movie follows cliche as far as the story goes, its the treatment that deserves merit at this point, Harini played by Geneliea with elan is every inch the little girl with pigtails who has grown too fast for her mind to match. She cracks silly pj’s and is even given to having superstitions which make u smile in smug happiness. Siddhu also played elaborately bu Siddarth portrays the insecure young adolescent hopelessly in love and struggling to get into the alpha male role.

Enigmatic Prakash Raj is well suited to playing father and this movie he does justice to the self appraising father who belives that he has more than a measure of his children. The real story begins only when sidhu decide to introduce the imperious Harini to his aristocratic father as his future bride and when the father rejects her outright and makes a suggestion which would shock the regular family crowd but lends the thrill to the whole scene as Harini tried to persuade Sidhu’s parents that shes worth the family. Just as things seem to go just the way it needs to have gone, the plot takes a dramatic twist and the Sidhu needs all his role play assertions and the emotional journey goes on a roller coaster.

Fine performances by the lead cast and even genelia who normally plays the candy floss girl next door has turned in quite a firm performance and is very refreshing . Overall a leave-your-brains-at-home movie with a dash of innocense


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