Posted by: digirak | July 13, 2007

The five elements – The rhythm of life

One of the more inspired albums of A R Rahman has undoubtedly been Rhythm starring Arjun ,Jyothika ,Meena and Ramesh Arvind. The music is the highlight of the movie and ARR has come up with a score that is inspired by the elements. Each of the 5 songs has, as its theme an element. Each song registers its theme well and even as the song is playing the theme activates the listener’s imagination.

                    The albus starts with the melodious nathiye nathiye the song with water as theme. Rahman has a way with melodies as he thrashes them between the tremendous lows of the lower octaves and the scintillating highs. The lyrics by Vairamuthu are nothing short of sheer brilliant coupled with some of the best visuals that any art director can come up this song is a sure hit with the art lovers.

Its this whole quality that makes the song a  thing of beauty besides the innocent visuals the lyrics are truly enlightening and makes the listener want a  relook aon the way eh loks at the things at life. The little joys emphasised by the director do a lot to leave their impact.

            This particular song basically highlights the rocker in ARR. The beats simply take ones breath away. Ever the innovatorRahman is still again gone on to take on teh complicated half beats which are the enigma of modern rhythm. The theme is the earth but more than the theme its the carefree, yet poingnant nnote that strikes a chord with the listener

The places where Shankar actually delves into his sorrow as he sings  non chalantly of his losses and eventual gain make the listner himself revel to the highs of teenage love.

         Easily the best song of the film which would possibly go on to be called the song of the year. This brilliant melody set to the raga of Kapi, with liltations of other ragas coming in, is liberating to say the least.

        The theme of the song is wind, true to its nature blows you off  your feet. The melodious start motioned by the redoubtable Unni Krishnan in his soothing voice as he caresses the ear drum and just as the listener seems to drift away, Kavitha brings him back with a bang. Energy pumping in with every note, she wisps the listnere away to amazing high notes. Complementingly unni comes low down to the previous octave and the rises to a crescendo with Kavitha, creating the effect of pure genius. If not for any other song, for this song alone, one should buy this album, simplicity combined to pure genius.

                    Truly these 5 songs each a gem by itself, make Rhythm- The five elements; the rhythm of life


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