Posted by: digirak | July 28, 2007

The Book that lived and The Story that died

The most awaited book since possibly the Digital fortress by Dan brown and the most idolized character since sherlock Holmes has finally made his appearance on the bibliophile’s book list. Harry Potter and the deathly Hallows finally has finally released amidst the hoopla with numerous fakes littering the digital world! The final duel had occurred and JK Rowling had a her last laugh to the bank, with the book making more than a million pounds in its first week itself. Speculation was rife that this would be Harry’s end and the Dark Arts would stay till the end. Banishing all doubts the book takes the readers into the Dark Arts deeper than they would have imagined and Voldemort , the quintessential villain, has his moments as he tries to destroy Harry in his quest for a deathless life.


No doubt the book is one of the better written novels that one may come across, neatly sequenced as it follows the highs and lows of the hero’s upheavals and downsides, show casing as it goes on his journey from a 17 year old to a man well beyond his years. The power of Voldemort as he slowly disarms the ministry and sets up his rule of terror, resembles that of Hitler’s dictatorial regime and his hate of muggles(Non magical people) is reminiscent of the Fuuher’s Anti-semitism. Quite mesmerizing as he rises through the levels from an out caste to absolute master, that is until Harry and friends come on the scene. The Grand Finale , figuratively, concluding at Hogwarts is quite well positioned. Action packed and well choreographed as each event leads to the next, the furious pace leaves the reader breathless. Deaths, injuries, curses, killing curses, dot the landscape of the narrative even as Rowling ruthlessly slaughters characters most of the readers had by then begun to come to love. Here in lies the fault, Rowling has pretty obviously forgotten about her faithful following and denied them the true pleasure, a Harry Potter novel.

The book is quite filmy, truthfully speaking, more of a gruesome action thriller, better suited to a Clint Eastwood saga, not to a Harry Potter book. The delicate Rowling touch which makes a HP book quite a joy to read is lost and one feels very lost as Harry slowly changes drastically both in character and value structure.It is quite a hard detail to swallow as there is a link missing with the previous book. Whereas all the previous books had all the characters playing neat and well structured parts, this one lacks that one crucial characteristic. Fred and George, the pranksters;Mr Weasley, the concerned father; Mrs Weasley, the matronly mother; Remus Lupin, the wizard werewolf and of course Ginny, the spunky lover girl of Harry all seemed to be lost in the mist as Harry battles Voldemort and his minions. Disappointing as the previous promised a lot more from all these characters, especially Ginny who seemed to provide Harry with the emotional strength that he lost at the death of his parents.

However the one character who possibly broke all expectations is that of Severus Snape, it is a master stroke of Rowling and here she shows some real talent as she changes the view the readers hold of Snape in a matter of a few pages. Albus Dumbledore the kindly talented headmaster at Hogwarts is also a character who undergoes some drastic changes.

On the whole a superb book, but sadly Harry Potter has died since the 6th book not in person but in spirit as this book leaves the readers a lot for the wanting!!



  1. Rakesh,
    am not sure if you have read all books of the harry potter series, but as I see it, after having read all 7, i think they all fit extreemely well! as a matter of fact, the violence/ action in contrast with Harry and his gang’s innocence as they grow their age in Hogwart’s is so very consistent that by the time I finished the last book, I wondered how the author had managed to achieve such a feat! In the final book, the lady explains almost everything you assumed was a casual reference in previous books. Think of it, the whole idea of Harry himself being the last holocrux and Snape being in obligation to Dumbledore and protecting Harry always was amazing! Never imagined it, but if you now think over all other books in the series, you wonder how you could have missed that! The whole plot is extreemely well knit.

    I am sure the audience was anticipating violence. The way the whole story was built from book 1, it was evident that the dark side would eventually come back in full force, much like the star wars (movie, circa 1977). People anticipated terror and action, and the expectation at least here in the UK was that there would be gruelsome battle between the two sides, resulting in much losses. in fact many feared that Harry would die too. I think Ms. Rowling actually played quite well to her audience, giving a soft story (much softer than what people expected), not killing any of Harry’s friends or himself, and not letting him turn to or be defeated by the dark side. I think the book is a marvel, perfect in every sense i can think of. Anyways, I do not wish to challenge your opinion, but I thought I would share mine with you too.

    BTW, as you might have guessed by now, its one of the best books I have ever read.

  2. I personally have read all the books except for the chamber and goblet, but i somehow felt that it hardly was a Hartry Potter book it was more of an Hindi movie, I mean personally

  3. Acromegaly says : I absolutely agree with this !

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