Posted by: digirak | August 7, 2007

Dutt’s the way

The journey for Munnabhai has been one full of triumphs and tribulations and has its share of both public bashing and adoration, nothing though to beat the current hoopla raised over his inevitable jailing. There has been a lot of water that has flown under the bridge even as Dutt was tossed around between judicial hearings for the last 14 years for a case that should have been closed aeons ag, yet the call of justice can scarcely be denied and Dutt more than anyone will agree that it is one that he would not ever ignore.

For his part it is possibly fair to say that there is more of a responsible citizen in the gun toting Dutt than there is in the tumult of MP’s in the Lok Sabha or even in the cabinet perhaps.He hasnt,like the other bollywood personalities thwarted the process of law or turned hostile in court, he has for his part been exceptionally condescending and humble at his error. He has not used his fan following to raise some sympathy for himself, so easily done these days!! He has been perfectly law abiding, for that reason alone I bow to Dutt because herein we see the true citizen, not ashamed to admit he was wrong and actually goes down meekly. Fine show Sanju, really speaking I am impressed at his show of guts and mettle. Its all ok to talk in movies of how delightful it is to go to jail, scarcely so in real life where the stark reality of the damned jails strikes you like bile in the pit of the stomach.

It is always ok to commit mistakes, Dutt of course will know that the mistake he committed is by no means either small or insignificant, he has fueled the riots which have possibly torn apart more families than any instance of human violence. The spirit of a City loved by all its Citizens was broken and none but Dutt would be more aware of this.He therefore has been meekly right in accepting judgment. Coming to whether it is a little too harsh or not, I feel is too much of a question especially with the Indian brand of delayed justice and better late than never attitude, IMHO it should more than be justified. Dutt has had time to rake in his earnings and also stabilize his personal life. I do not think the sentence is anything to be deliberated on.

All said and done there has been an air of meek acceptance about the verdict, even if it had little preemption. That is quite the way celebrities need to react to justice and not the way SRK and company have been toying with the law(read Bharat shah). Way to go Sanju. Dutt’s definitely the way!!


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