Posted by: digirak | August 13, 2007

The Underrated celebrity

Infosys for most people signifies what they would want Indian industry to be and NRN possibly is the epitome of the honest IT czar. Quite true that the company itslef is powered by the inteeligentia and driven by the values that its mentor so passionately believes in. It is by far one of the most value driven companies in the IT field today. However to a person on the shores of Tamil Nadu, recovering from the wrath of the Tsunami, the name of Infosys possibly brings to mind the genial lady in cotton sari who doled out help in large dollops with a smile to match!! He possibly recognises Sudha Murthy wife of NRN and one of the most underrated celebrities in India!

Enchantingly this lady has been the perfect wife for NRN, complementing his superstar status with her sublime simplicity(not to say that NRN is not, still her simplicity is anything but corporate) and exuberant work! Her book wise and otherwise is par excelllence and worth more than a read, not more than 200 pages its a few hours work for the bibliophile, this is where the experienced one needs to read between the lines, wise and otherwise, is a roller coaster ride through emotions and truth. It is a collection of short stories depecting India and her lesser children, whom sudha strove to revive. Scarcely a more redention have I read, even JRR the master story teller would be proud of the way the stories have been handled and the human element is more than just eveident. To read these books is to be able to see through the eyes of an immensly senstive person and to be touched by the growing apathy around us.
Why then is it that we are yet to discover the celebrity who does the best work, who changes the world for those whom change means death or even worse infamy? Why do we worship a Teen-Icon, but forget the teenager in the brothels for whom this champion fights? Is it time for India to do a little introspection, learn from its most underrated celebrity, the ever effacing Sudha Murthy


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