Posted by: digirak | September 22, 2007

Rasipuram Krishnaswami Narayan a Doyen of Indian literature

One of the best playwrites once remarked thus about a descripit Iyer form the villages of South India who had even a more descripit village to his credit, Malgudi!!

“There are writers– Leo Tolstoy and Henry James to name two–whom we hold in awe, writers–Ivan Turgenev and Anton Chekhov–for whom we feel a personal affection, other writers whom we respect–Joseph Conrad for example–but who hold us at a long arm’s length with their ‘courtly foreign grace.’ Narayan (whom I don’t hesitate to name in such a context) more than any of them wakes in me a spring of gratitude, for he has offered me a second home. Without him I could never have known what it is like to be Indian.”–Graham Greene

One may not even be awre of the other authors, at least I dont know them, but RK N is etched in my memory purely for his lucid fervent stoy telling and even a tinge of the satire his brother was so famous for!! Quite a revelation nevertheless in a world of the imaginary, with the subtle satire he quite a bit enthralls the reader.

The tiger of Malgudi is one of the many novels, rather short stories that comes as part of the memories of Malgudi package of RK. Its the world through the eyes of a tiger and his attempts to understand the huamn race and we finally end up concluding that this tiger unlike the others of its species is blessed with an innate wisdom. Again RK displays his amazing penchant for genius purely by quoting instances, what we take as normal human life, as evidence of folly of the humans.

Excellent book taken through only to make the reader aware of the more elaborate world of animals and of course an excellent foray of RK’s into the world of satirical humor


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