Posted by: digirak | November 11, 2007

The Curze(Karz) of Om Shanti Om

Here’s the take, a movie about a larger than life spot boy, his larger than life love for the heroine femme fatale, the evil villain, burning sets a rebirth and the inevitable, obviously I would not tell you that the rest is inspired from Karzthe blockbuster starring Rishi Kapoor.omshantiom123456.jpg

So welcome to the world of Om Shanti and Om , well quite literally actually, though a character called Sandhya does flit in and out of the picture.Farah Khan is known for her candy floss entertainers to have a better word to describe the mindless mayhem that he movies are, but this one positively assumes that the audience is made of utter dudder head waiting to lap her up. Quite unsurprisingly it has a lot of everything, action, drama, some unfathomable pun and some good technical cliches.

The movie starts off in RC studios in the hinterland of Mumbai, the usual 70’s set up, quite impressive in its overall look, though a touch of realism could have been attempted, nevertheless quite livable. We have Om (shah rukh) and his effervescent friend Pappu (shreyas) the spot boys who dream big. There is also an overtly filmy ma in Kirron Kher and of course the gorgeous Shantipriya (deepika). So Om is desperately in love with Shanti and even speaks to her poster!! Then in a twist of fate (as predictable as the taste of maggi noodles made by a cooking newbie)he dramatically saves her from a fire on the sets. He wins himself a friend and a self confessed fan. There are some bizzare attempts at comedy when he tries to pose as a famous south Indian hero to impress the gal. So then the story movies(ok crawls) to the villan, Mukesh, a famous producer and the un proclaimed husband of Shanti and also the uintended father of her child. After a showdown between husband and wife in the make up room( quite predictably seen by Om) he agrees to bestow the rights she deserves, after the movie he is making is completed, Om Shanti Om!!!

Ok, so here is pur hero hear broken and weeping(yes buckets of tears!!) . When he again manages to fall into the sets of Om shanti Om, quite coincidentally of course. He watches his love being burnt to death by the evil producer(Did Farah have a nexus with the petroleum industry!!!). So our hero tries to save her, notwithstanding the pummeling he gets from a couple of goons deputed by the bad man , who for some weird reason leave him unconscious near the burning sets. Of course we have by now learnt not to question the bizarre logic.
She is burnt alive on the sets and Om is cast away half dead(blasted away by the raging fire) and knocked over by a car and eventually dies in hospital!! Then, well, quite unpredictably he is reborn (pun intended), in the house of the man who knocked him over and who also happens to be a bankable star of the day!!

what happens next is a typical pot broiler as interesting as the fly floating in soup. So Om is reborn as Om (?) with a mark of Om on his hand(recollect the other Om had a tattoo of Om on his hand) a la harry Potter goes through paroxysms of hindsight and even manages to remember his past as vividly as you can see his face!!

Now the movie does a backflip , an interesting turn as Mukesh returns from the US all grey and stinking rich. He wants to make a movie with Om who is a great star in todays world. So om now wants to remake Om shanti Om. At this point I stop the narrative, it gets too boring to recount, so go ahead and watch the movie if not for the excellent historonics of shah rukh then at least for the excellent camera work, a couple of foot tapping songs, the gorgeous deepika Padukone in the second half and a very endearing Kirron Kher


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