Posted by: digirak | June 11, 2008

Bangalored on the streets

Typically am not much of a city travelophile, I d rather settle down to an afternoon of reading or catch a movie in a theatre than roam an MG road or a Brigade road, of course its a different thing if I have to look for a book or catch up with friends, its at these times taht the woe of bangalore traffic hits one like a wave of grief

I am not going to crib about traffic, every growing city needs to contend with it, come on whats the big deal if it takes you 45 minutes to get about 10km after all the roads are just muddled with potholes and buses really think footpaths are alternate traffic lanes. What I am really going to crib about are the two opposite sides of the same coin, pedestrians and the car-toting-bike-hopping yuppies.

Ok to be honest I am mostly a pedestrian and should be technically on the side of the two legged sorry trudglers, its only when i go to the other end of the spectrum that the horror of facing them gets real. Mostly its the indecision that freaks me out, you would be like doing 40 on a normal highway and suddenly little miss muffin would pop up in the middle of the road and you’d think she’s planning to cross, slow down, down ur gear only to realise the miss is actually trying to read the board across the street. Lady!! thats a bike/car trying his best to face the rising fuel prices, have a little consideration. Else you’d see the guy bringing his family along, all members trailing with a speed inversely proportional to the height.I wonder if the population explosion was due to the apathy of the motorists, or is the man slyly hinting me to help his family planning !!!!

Ok you say, the pedestrians are fools lets see you justify the motorists, the horror story is even worse. I remember in Shivaji nagar, back from a tiring day in college full of torrid labs and scowling lecturers, i’m trying to cross the road,atta boy our friendly neighbourhood autoanna walks right into you, er sorry drives right into you. Ok! so you need sawari, no issues do you wanna force me to go to the hospital!! So auto anna gives u a dirty scowl, and u promptly return it, come on how can you not return what you receive.One crosses a two lane road with traffic at bumper to bumper, you look only one side when you cross? WRONG! Blore-traffic-frustration rule number one states you need to have 360 degree vision and the agility of a mountain cheetah. Chances are that that you will be run over by a speeding hamara Bajaj.

All said and done tripping bangalore is like a roller coaster ride with no seat belts and is definitely not an adventure for the faint hearted like myself, who would rather prefer a quite afternoon trekking the sahyadris or swishing in waterfalls, sorry sirre its too much of a work out on ones heart


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