Posted by: digirak | June 12, 2008

Lost on Road with a GPS

Trying to think I am not quite certain why i attempted it, but then it possibly passes off as one of the crazy adventures of life which you do to savour the end and hate the act. I most certainly did not enjoy the night i lost myself on Gauribidanur main road with Deepak on a bike. It must be a folly to have ventured but it was fun nevertheless.

It all started on a bright sunny evening when the BAS gang decided to go star hopping to hosahalli, let me first tell ya what hosahalli is, in kannada it means new village, to BAS it transaltes alternately to heaven, comets, night outs and even sleep in the tent evenings :). So we normally leave typically in the afternoon reach before the sun sets like dracula was chasing us and set up our equipment to star gaze. Usually we all go by some rickety bus where amar fascinates about the village belles and we about how to dupe amar away from the scope. Unlike our usual antics this time we  decided to make a romp on our own vehicles, deepak offered to hitch me on his bike.

So we set out on an empty stomach and most importantly I did not have single warm cloth on me and it was a good 17 degrees and we were ripping at over 120 on a Pulsar. I dont know whether it was the wind or the chill or the ramblings we had i missed the usual detour to hosahalli and went zipping past right to the gauribidanur main road. Considering the fact that it was about 9 in the night we were utterly clueless, it was only after  we did a couple of ups and downs that we realised we had grossly missed the route.

Just the 2 of us alone at about 1030 we reached amirpur, which is almost close to the route to anantpur. We were still ripping then we decidedn enough was enough, phones were not reachable and the other guys had reached hosahalli and started dinner, we were still hungry and lost. We bravely took into amirpur and most defienitely the dogs did not take too kindly to us. I almost thought that the dog must be a forest spirit as it bared its fangs and flounced at our feet. We drifted through the village and reached a thin jungle, out came the GPS and coordinates were keyed in. LO and behold we were less than 3 km from Hosahalli!!!! We managed to execute the bumps and reach the village from where we took the help of the instri to reach the school. All thanks to the GPS.

Next time on im determined to carry a GPS wherever i go!!

It was fun


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