Posted by: digirak | June 16, 2008

What an Avataram!!!

An effective way of spoiling one’s weekend is to take a bucket of popcorn and sit through kamal’s magnum opus,a disastrous megalomaniac creation of pure self indulgence. Starts off predictably in a big time warp to Chidambaram and Rengaraja nambi, the bulstering young priest who takes on the might of the chola empire in order to safeguard his Narayanan, Lord Vishnu. The start is self indulgent and devoid of content so as to set the tone for the movie, as kamal had it he assumes all the audience is as knowledgable as himself and sets off to the incident where the vishnu idol is ripped from its place and Renga is assaulted and ostracized from society and life. Well I am not sure about the historic authenticity of the character, but in almost certianity the depiction was falling short of being called tardy, the obvious contradictions of another vedic kicking the statue make no sense by any means. The shaiviite-vaishnaviite duels were in lieu of all the ossible indications a simple case of clashing philosophies and not a fight between two personal gods, please; was kamal thinking that this was as petty as a clash between rajni fans and kamal fans, he definitely needs to understand that it was a much more cerebral struggle and not a blind bash up as he has most certainly try to portray.

The rest of the movie pans to 2004 and a Bio weapon being created in a controlled environment where kamal is the erstwhile genius who designs the weapon, a lab accident causes him to rethink his morals and detract from handing the weapon over to the officials, again Kamal plays the goody man in a bad bad world, and hes chased by a contract killer, kamal again. Flight chases and car chases later he lands up in chidambaram where the weapon is slipped into the idol of the govindaraja peruman by a senile old woman(kamal again.

Kamal now takes posession of the idol and intends to tagging along is the girl who has an obsessive craving for the peruman. So it goes through more skulduggery as kamal and Aandal(asin) are chased across the length and breadth of the southern half by the Caucasian kamal. In the process we bang into a comic relief telugu speaking CBI officer(avatar number 4, there is a glimpse of Bush, aka kamal with a white leather skin) The jokes fall flat and Crazy seems strangely tainted possibly because of the pace of the movie.

The movie carries on with two more dreary characters introduced a social worker and an overgrown pathan, then comes the melodrama with the Sardarji singer Avtar Singh who is afflicted with throat cancer and is even cured by a bullet crashing into his heart(burp! burp!). Again no character having either weight or role. The movie meanders on, the rest is too tardy and tiring to recount besides it has a kamal overdose. His acting abilities are neither done justice nor is the story or the music or the scenario either. Basically a hotchpotch where kamal does 10 different roles and the viewer is left blinking as to whom he should hate more.

There is very little to talk about the rest of the characters except Mallika showing her bod and cleavage, Asin comes up with a fair performance and Kamal most certainly disappoints!


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