Posted by: digirak | October 29, 2008

The Laloo circus

Laloo is defienitely a good joker, he even has his accomplices in Nitish Kumar and Ram vilas Paswan. It was nicely hilarious to see the trio putting up a tough stand for Rahul raj, if you are still wondering what I am talking about, you need to catch up on the latest news of how the evil Maharashtra police put to death a poor little Bihari carrying a gun in a crowded bus.

Ah the poor little darling actually never shot a mosquito, he was just playing a little joke, obviously the police did not find it all that funny after the poor dear had had a nip at the conductor. What really amazes me is the fact that the three of them saw the plethora of political coverage that the North Indian crisis was generating and did not even bother to think of their ethics in doing what they did

May the great Laloo circus continue


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