Posted by: digirak | November 7, 2008

And he came Kumbleing after

T’was a champion who left Kotla grounds the eugolic smile, the enigmatic eyes will remain in everyone’s minds. Team mates were most definitely touched and moved at his departure and the suddenness with which it came from the gentle Jumbo.

Through his career Kumble has been the toiler and most of his efforts have been those of a lesser child, always the silent worker, it was sad to see him go thus unplanned. Personally I believe Kumble could have still done lot more service to Indian cricket thanks to the media and critics he possibly believed he was done with cricket, saddening to see the champion walking out like a humbled elephant

Remeniscent is the 10 wickets he took at the same stadium where he brought to foot a resurgent pakistan and his prodigious bounce and skid turned the best turtle.  A broken jawed kumble surreptiously getting Lara out in a crucial test when the result could have gone either way.

The media has been most ridiculously cruel to this gentle giant eliciting an angry response from him after the first test, it seems so prudent for the man to leave cricket which has barely been fair to Kumble. I believe his retirement is an expression of disgust at how India treats its heroes nay a toiling hard hero, a far cry from the sehwags and the Harbhajans who are the natural talents. This man is the toiler.

To me Kumble has been the model human being a mixture of grit and aggression with a genial smile off the field, this endearing man has been a heart stealer. Its sad that he should leave in so abrupt a fashion that too when he was hitting a bad patch.

Good bye jumbo we will miss you 🙂


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