Posted by: digirak | December 31, 2009

Avatariyiti mahodaya james cameroon

At first glance one just sees the effects weaving and bobbing ducking and being floored. Missiles flying and blue colored aliens attacking the incoming invaders, yet one sees in it a subtle shade of warning, a subtle warning to mankind to not take the forces of nature for granted and even more subtle intent to not to belittle the unknown.

The state of the art graphics were brilliant, flamboyant in appeal and scientific in application. Ingenious to say the least, banyan trees become interconnected nodes and the fibrous roots become the neurons, frilled lizard become bio-luminiscent flying lizards, Rhinos become stegasaurus type beasts, bio luminscence is the key to light in the night here. Every step by the heavy being results in a reactive bio lumiscent glow in the organisms lighting the way!! Such fine illustrations. Amazing tails which have neuron connects to other organisms and every animal is said to have a conciousness.Amazing when one sees the background in which Cameron comes from; a redundant semetic teaching where all things are created for man’s benefit. Consider that and consider this distinct state where every creature connects to every other in a state of conciousness.

It certainly is a stroke of filmy genius to have a mechanism for the hero to come back after being cast away by his chosen people on a rousing note riding on the back of a fiery red giant bird venerated by the local people, also to device a way to exchange his lame human body for a powerful alien’s. One cannot but see the commonality of the indian traditions with this. Also the veneration of trees and animals, the strange humanity and high degree of sympathy rings the familiar bell of buddhism.

What also made me really excited was the reaction of the earthlings who seek to belittle the customs of natives as mere superstitions, strange that the missionaries who entered an early india were having a similar conception of Indians, also the frequent reference of the locals as blue monkeys remeniscent of the subhuman way in which indians were treated at apartheid cannot but be noted. The powerful mating conspiracies and the high value natives attach to the virginity again leads one to make a comparison. The emotional quotient of a local is suprisingly high for a native, ah but then i get ahead of myself.

All in all i dont think James Cameroon had so much of an original idea in terms of concept but surely the way it was applied is brilliant and its obvious references to his disgust with missionary activity in colonies is but obvious

I dont intend this as a review nor do i call myself one but i intend this to go


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