Posted by: digirak | January 16, 2010

Reflections of an heathen

I am truly amazed that i was part of a chrisitian institution for nearly 10 years and yet never was I ever besought to be converted but then I hadnt read shourie as well. The point which i very nearly missed was as subtle as the words that i sought to forget, we were never truly secular either, we were always fed on the lord and his glorious blessing on mankind. When i now reflect i think i was more of a heathen begging and grovelling in front of the almighty to forgive me my sins of not believing in him which becomes an oxymoron in itself but nevertheless we will need to start somewhere.

The church services never ceased the constant reminders of jesus and his miracles did not either, even at the tender age of 10 or 12 we were sincerely called heathens and the christians were taught religion, its another matter that schools have ample freedom to teach what they thought was right why then were we stopped from wearing religious symbols in school when the religion class was possibly the greatest religious symbol that one could tout around. Why was it that a hindu festival, holi, recieved such scorn from teachers because children, were colored, when they shamelessly called all catholics to come and recieve the holy communion! Wasnt it, if not directly, a means of indirect conversion. Weren’t we told subtlely that your religions are superstitious while ours is based firmly on the word of the Lord! Again as I reflect the houses we had, as in 4 different classifications, were named after saints. Strange when you consider secularism as an environment. When one looks closer, one finds subtle discrepancies, why was it that students classes for retreats? Why does it matter if they do not take up the retreat? Why was it necessary that the church needed to be appeased for students to stay in school?

Many questions i am sure as a heathen all people would have thought of and asked but never had the courage to take forward



  1. Every school be it Hindu, Muslim, Christian choses to ensure that the primary religion followed in the campus is that of the “owner”. if you go to Ramakrishna school you will be taught his teachings and Swami Vivekananda will be the Hero and if you attend Cresent College, it will be musilm influence.

    There is no point in chosing a school ( may be your parents chose) and then complaining.

    If you wanted to attend a truely secular school, you should go to the Municipal school ( or the corporation school) which will be equally for or against every festival or celebration as the case may be.

    There is absolutely no point in trying to be a Hindu sympathiser wanting a missionary school to be secular !!

    • hello onsideview I completely agree with what you have said. In fact secular schools should be doing secular education, though a convent my school did claim to be a secular one. Even if it was not there was no meaning in according secular education with religious ones, worse still mix the two. What has confounded me even now is the need to mix the secular and non secular education. The reference to Ramakrishna mission is totally uncalled for, the mission in the first place does not look to evangelise hence the connection is non existent.

      Isnt it sad that the only secular schools which exist seem to be the municipal schools,should not education be secular?

      • There are enough schools which are one religion or the other. What is evangelise is a matter of opinion. In fact these schools seldom admit other religions so the question of evangelism is irrelavant. There is Hindu college, there is Hindu School, and there are similarly Christian schools, Muslim schools Jain schools etc. Within Hindu umbrella there are for example chettiar schools, thevar schools etc primarily aimed at fostering the respectice caste groups.

        In Hindu schools there are prayer songs, classes on specific epics etc etc

        The students need to be careful and where the students DO NOT have a say and parents decide the discussion should be held at home and not with the school

        The way a school is run is known to all especially all one has to do is to talk to a few seniors.

        And there are specific really secular schools. These are run with out any evangelism. Perhaps you were not lucky enough to study in one – but then they defnitely exist even under different regilious managements.

        Look around and you will find good stuff in life.
        Dont suffer from minor aberretions

        And one has to be strong enough to hold their views and not succumb to evangelisms of any kind !!

      • I think evangelism isnt a matter of opinion, that is like saying what is violence is but a matter of opinion. I am sorry discussion religion in schoolis evangelism. I don’t see why this should even interfere in daily life. Prayer songs etc. essentially need to be secular as, I have seen many especially from the upanishads which are secular, why cant that be a choice?

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