Posted by: digirak | August 1, 2010


Well After a long time I did get down to watching inception, heavily hyped that it was, I must say it was a bit disappointing. Come to think of it the last 1 and half hours were just regular hollywood masala, starting from when they actually enter Ficher’s mind, i thought it completely lost the plot in the last half hour or so. The needless battle with Mal and the personal’s struggles between Mal and Dom just ended up making more drama than plot.

Coming to the main plot, I really thought it was a cool exercise to have a regular movie based on the Freudian alternate reality of Dreams. Of course this does not guarantee that the movie based on this will be awesome, I think this is where the director falters. Having really conceived a use for the freudian alternate reality in the movie he misses the subtle points which made Freud a refreshing usage in the field of psycho analysis, critically the projections, this is what Freud uses to draw out the psychological insight of the person, do not seem to have any persona at all, save that of Mal. This also seems heavily contrived for the sake of a love interest. Again coming to the concept of cascaded dreams, I have no idea why this can even work, it is purely like gravitational acceleration that Enterprise starship uses, again lacks any sort of depth. How does this alternate reality reflect out of the psyche when the psyche is already projected in one reality? Leaves a lot of questions unanswered. Another thing is the use of somatic stimuli, example the kick, heavily overhyped, rarely does somatics have such a direct connection to the dream, but has more roundabout effects. For instance if a person dreams of swimming and he is thirsty, he will envision himself trying to dunk in all pool water or some such thing depending on his psyche at that point.

Dream sharing also remains vague, how does the consciousness, which knows itself presumably not know it has an invader until the invader starts doing weird things. Also where is the split personality from Mal coming out of? Here again the film fails in a lot of technical details. All said and done, there was a lot of scope to explore this facet, yet the director seems to be more content with giving matrix like stunts.

On the positive side, I feel the director has included amazing concepts purely because this is a new unexplored territory, typically he seems sketchy, however a laudable effort worth watching once if not again and again.



  1. hi rakesh read my blog
    Enjoyed reading your blog on the inception

    • Thank you sudhir, keep writing in!

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