Posted by: digirak | August 29, 2010

My first fortnight in the US

Funny 2 weeks this has been, coming to the US has never enthralled me, really speaking what was exciting about the US was the refreshing work that I kept seeing getting churned out of this place. I always wondered how the people kept consistently churning out so much of research which we barely even heard of in India.

What was the first thing that struck me when I came to the US? Well what really struck me when I stared out of the airport at chicago was that the roads were just ordinary. They were similar to the roads I had seen back home, the same kind of tar composition etc. of course these were much wider and the traffic seemed much much better disciplined and the lane system looked neat. Apart from that the other big thing was the total lack of any kind of vegetarian food at the airport. Amazed me totally everything was just pepperoni and beef, it really stunned me when I paid nearly a dollar and 30 cents for a “cheese” burger, which was just some onion, tomato, ketchup and cheese.

Oh well I told myself, welcome to the USA. Senselessly in Grand Forks, I figured out that I was going to hit another wall of non vegetarian food, it was steak, beef and well some uncooked vegetables. So there it went the first week was mostly grazing on cabbage, tomato and some broccoli. It must have been really funny to the locals to see a guy skip all the food have the salad and the desert :D. Well I can tell you it was not funny to me.

Next in the line of jolts was the fact that all shops necessarily have to be at least 5 miles from home, ok, you cannot travel in the local busses because they shut down after 4, well then whats the option. My friend looks at me stunned, come on bro, drive down he says non chalantly. Duh, I feel, this is not good. Over to the department store for the next shock, the rice costs more than the soap. Misplaced priorities anyone? No public distribution system I am told, well what does the backward class guy do? I ask? what backward they shoot back. Uh well third world hangovers I think.

Cooking is fun here, they have all the essentials in the rooms, right from the gas to the microwave. Funnily they forget the stuff in between, the vessels, the spoons, the plates etc. Its just got the heavy artillery. The houses have air conditioners but no beds. They are fully equipped with fire alarms but no fans. They have awesome doors with no stoppers. Windows are beautifully designed with no locks!!! They have plug points and no switches, phones with no one calling, people just mail here LoL. Funny place really. They have awesome bus stops and no busses. They have nice traffic signals and hardly any cars. The soda here is cheaper than the water.

All in all I am feeling a little tizzy, so until my next post let me figure out this wierd country



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