Name: Rakesh Nath
Date of birth: 16 Jan 1985
Born: Madras(Chennai)
Currently in : Bangalore
Hobbies: Astronomy:Am a budding deep sky observer, do not have the wherewithal for serious observations but can do my bit with the binocs
Music:I used to play the keyboard, not a regular now,am a fan of Tyagaraja and his krits lend me the divine hand LOL
Reading: Love readin, favourite authors include Jeffery Archer and the redoubtable K.M Munshi. I am quite a history fan, Indian history Paleolithic to neolithic my favourite realm.

I am quite a race fan though do not get the time to watch the grand prix,

Photography is a passion: Possess a cannon 6 megapixel digital camera, I have a couple of macros to my credit not much to talk about but still I do have an inkling to go for some serious photography.

Astrophotgraphy is distant dream :-).
I love talking cricket and am a big australian fan.



  1. nice site. the out looks very nice. the green color fonts are bit tough to read on my pc…but seems ok.
    clear skies and have great snaps


  2. thanks Abhay, Just wanted to try something new

  3. Good work!!!

  4. Hi Rakesh..!!!

    nice site.. looks good..
    i too like photography.. possess a NIKON with 10 megapixel and 18x zoom..
    i also like travelling.. travlled to many many places.. the list is too long to mention..

    thats it bout me in short…


  5. Nice site.I liked your travelogue.Its well written very religious and calm cool
    you can see mine too.mine is not so hi-tech like yours.help me make my site better

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